Bitmain is accused of illegal recruiting of engineers!

Taiwanese prosecutors accuse Bitmain Technologies of illegally recruiting 100 Taiwanese engineers working for other companies.

According to Nikkei Asia’s report, an investigation has already been launched for the activities of the Chinese crypto mining chip manufacturer in New Taipei and Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing center Hsinchu.

The new Taipei Attorney General claimed that the Bitcoin (BTC) mining chip maker is setting up shell companies for illegal recruitment:

“We found that Bitmain was recruiting Taiwanese research and development talent from other companies by setting up illegal companies in Taiwan to accelerate the work of AI chip capacity. The newly established companies serve to attract the employees of other companies, and these activities date back to 2018.

On the other hand, Beijing has started working to accelerate the chip manufacturing industry. In fact, it is said that insulating conductors will be one of the topics that the National People’s Assembly of China will focus on.

The chip shortage seen around the world is also on the agenda of the US-China economic war. US President Joe Biden called for a careful re-examination of the US semiconductor supply chain.

Increasing demand for semiconductors with limited supplies has caused Bitcoin miners to face chip shortages. As a result, prices for both new and used crypto mining hardware have skyrocketed.

On the other hand, this investigation against Bitmain can also deviate to issues such as trade secret leaks and technology theft.

The investigation could also affect Bitmain’s relationships with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the world’s largest chip maker.

With semiconductor technology being one of the focal points of the economic struggle between the US and China and deepening diplomatic relations between Washington and Taipei, TSMC is allegedly working with major US companies like Apple.

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