VISA Wants To Be At The Center Of The Cryptocurrency Sector • Coinexc

The world-renowned payment giant VISA wants to be at the center of the industry, with the idea that the crypto money industry will become more widespread.

VISA CEO Al Kelly spoke with Fortune CEO Alan Murray on a podcast titled “Leadership Next”. Kelly stated that cryptocurrencies could become extremely common in the next five years.

Kelly wants to make sure that VISA is at the center of this industry as cryptocurrencies become popular in the future.

“What I really love about our work is that we can choose winners and losers. You know, sitting here talking today, I don’t know how much cryptocurrencies will rise. Are we going to say in five years that this is a fad, or will its use be extremely common? I’m not smart enough to know, but what I’m smart enough to do is make sure our company is at the center of this business. ”

Kelly stated that they are conducting two different studies on cryptocurrencies:

“We are dealing with two different things in this category. The first is to enable the purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) with VISA information, the second is to enable the conversion of Bitcoin to fiat currencies and to work with Bitcoin wallets.

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