This new project of the crypto market has increased its value by eight in one week!

A new token entering the cryptocurrency market rose to the top 100 cryptocurrencies on March 16. Blockchain startup project Orbs (ORBS) has increased by 75 percent overnight and 700 percent over the week.

Orbs was added to the staking wallet, where Moonstake pays interest to users who stake their cryptocurrency the other day. According to the announcement dated March 15, the collaboration between Orbs and Moonstake also aims to increase the prevalence of blockchain technology in the duo’s banking and finance sector.

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Ethereum-based token Orbs has surged 75 percent over the past 24 hours from $ 0.168 to an all-time high of $ 0.295.

Orbs was trading around $ 0.04 just seven days ago. Crypto money has gained 704 percent in this process.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Israel, Orbs is working on building an open, decentralized blockchain infrastructure for companies and businesses to use. Orbs Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Peled said that thanks to the collaboration with Moonstake, more businesses in South East Asia and the Middle East will start using blockchain.

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