The son of the famous Bitcoin opponent moved all his assets to BTC!

Spencer Schiff, son of famous gold investor and Bitcoin (BTC) critic Peter Schiff, decided to move all of his portfolio investments to a single asset, Bitcoin.

Peter Schiff, In his post dated March 10 “Son, Bitcoin switched completely to Bitcoin when it last fell below $ 50,000. 100 percent of his portfolio is currently in Bitcoin. ”The famous anti-Bitcoin said he has also cashed in his son’s last silver shares.

Schiff explained his concerns about the investment choices of the younger generation: “If my own son is brainwashed, consider how miserable the other children are.”

The crypto community, on the other hand, welcomed this news, and many people say that a 100 percent investment in Bitcoin will make their son richer than Schiff. Put forward. “At least one of your family is increasing their fortune this year,” says Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital. he stated.

In response, Schiff said, “I have to disown him. Or he will waste my hard-earned wealth with Bitcoin.” he said. Schiff emphasized that his portfolio is not entirely made up of gold, but mostly stocks.

The anti-bitcoin investor said that in 2019, Bitcoin will never see $ 50,000.

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