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Alameda Research’s claims about Reef Finance stirred the cryptocurrency community today. After that, things got very interesting.

Trader Sam Trabucco, who is part of the Alamade research team, announced on Twitter that the company has no affiliation with Reef Finance. Interestingly enough, last week Reef Finance announced that it received a $ 20 million investment from Alameda Research. According to the first official announcement, this investment was made after Alameda Research purchased REEF tokens.

This development was also tweeted by Reef Finance’s official account. After this news came out, the value of the REEF token increased by 25%. However, Sam Trabucco, who is on the research team of Alameda company, said that the company had no connection with REEF and it was a mess.

Statement from REEF Finance CEO

A statement came from REEF CEO Denko Mancheski on the events. According to Mancheski’s statement, the company first contacted Alameda in September 2020. However, no agreement was reached at this stage. The two companies, which later made a $ 80 million deal, had a disagreement.

Alameda, who benefited from a 20% discount while investing $ 20 million in Reef, is claimed to have put these tokens on sale right after the REEF token was listed on Binance. It is also among the claims that Alameda later received another $ 60 million of REEF tokens. It is stated that Reef, who noticed the sale on Binance, also canceled the deal for this reason.

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It was stated that there was an extreme selling pressure after being listed on Binance. It is stated that this is the funds of the FTX exchange. Mancheski also said that after the events, FTX threatened to make REEF crazy.

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