Hot Development: Ripple (XRP) Accuses SEC of Hiding Evidence! Requested Documents Regarding Bitcoin and Ethereum!

XRP investors are on the lookout for news from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple.

XRP investors, who were hit by the SEC’s lawsuit, are looking forward to winning the case by Ripple.

While lawyers and analysts predict that the Ripple case may end in the second half of this year, the parties continue to submit their claims and claims to the court.

Requests in a paper submitted to the court today by Ripple drew attention. Ripple’s lawyers demanded, through the Court, the documents relating to Bitcoin and Ethereum, which the SEC was reluctant to submit to the file, be attached to the file.

While the SEC claims that Ripple sells securities unregistered, Ripple claims that XRP is a payment instrument and is essentially no different from Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Acting on the example of Bitcoin and Ethereum in their previous defenses, lawyers seem determined to take documents that the SEC was reluctant to present to persuade the court.

Upon this request, the SEC stated that the documents regarding Bitcoin and Ethereum were not related to the case, and it is not known what the court will decide.

Ripple claims that the SEC is hiding potential evidence that may affect the case.

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