New ADA and DOT Forecast from Dubai-Based Company

Dubai-based investment firm FD7 Ventures; Cardano has given a new price forecast for the Ethereum and Polkadot trio. Prakash Chand, one of the company’s partners, explained that the trio has the potential to surpass Bitcoin’s market value.

FD7 Ventures partner Prakash Chand will increase Bitcoin’s market cap over the next few years. For 10 trillion dollars He said he could get out. In this process, the difference between Bitcoin and Cardano, Ethereum and Polkadot decrease waiting.

Founded in partnership with Prakash Chand and Q Dhalla, FD7 Ventures has $ 1 billion in assets in its management.

Expecting the market to grow exponentially

Chand expects the cryptocurrency market to grow exponentially with the support of the younger generation. “When I was 21, I was spending my money on cars. The new generation is more advanced than ours. They like to invest in cryptocurrencies. ” predicts a 10-fold increase in Bitcoin’s market value.

In the short term, Bitcoin is expected to remain dominant in the market. But “Bitcoin is a great store of value. But there is nothing beyond that. ” saying name; He said that this balance could change over the next five to seven years.

Predicts 20-30 times growth

Chand; He said that he met with one of the Ethereum founders and started to do research on Cardano, Ethereum and Polkadot after this meeting. FD7 Ventures partner, each of these three names 20-30 times growth potential He expressed that he was.

Dubai-based investment company, last month 750 million dollars He announced that he would sell bitcoin worth. Company, the money from here 380 million dollars used the part to get Cardano (ADA).

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