According to Popular Trader, This Little Altcoin Ore Could Be Exploding • Coinexc

Crypto trader and phenomenon Ben Armstrong underlines a low-value altcoin, which he says has the potential to challenge Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In a new video he released, Armstrong tells his 606,000 subscribers that he is closely watching the scalability solution Cartesi (CTSI) and Descartes, the Ethereum-based computing oracle:

“Think of Descartes as an oracle for power computing. It makes the power calculations verifiable on the blockchain. Why is this important? Well, many projects today are compromising the decentralization level because calculations on blockchains are very limited. That’s why they’re eventually starting to use centralized deployments to do the heavy lifting for companies like Amazon AWS for their service infrastructure. So what’s the difference between Cartesi’s computing oracle? It erodes trust in companies or certain hardware installations. “

Armstrong and his research team believe Cartesi’s oracle is a missing piece that every blockchain can use. According to the leading cryptocurrency phenomenon, this technology is necessary to create marketplaces for artificial intelligence, calculate risks for decentralized insurance and options, and even validate winners in e-sports.

Armstrong says he expects Cartesi to have a great future as blockchains and applications adopt the use case:

“Listen to my words. Cartesi will become a monster for the rest of the year, will be used by dozens of applications, and will be a key player in the smart contract blockchain ecosystem for a long time. This is just beginning. “

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