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The agenda of one of the latest ETH1 hard forks has been announced, along with the release date: April 15, 2021. So what’s on the menu?

Ethereum’s (ETH) Berlin hardfork will bring a series of optimization updates to a second blockchain. Georgios Konstantopoulos from Paradigm digital asset investments firm shared the list of EIPs to be included in Berlin.

Revised gas costs, subroutines and scalability: welcome to Berlin!

According to the latest information from Ethereum (ETH) developers, Ethereum’s Berlin hardfork will be activated at 12,244,000 blocks for mainnet, 4,460,644 blocks for Goerli Testnet, 8,290,928 blocks for Rinkeby Testnet and 9,812,189 blocks for Ropsten Testnet. Therefore, the upgrade is expected to arrive on April 15, 2021.

Often, the improvements included in the Berlin agenda bring optimization to the gas spending logic. In post-Berlin Ethereum, increased fees will be charged when the “state” slot or account is accessed for the first time. In addition, the EIP-2200 brings additional gas costs to prevent DDoS attacks on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

The EIP-2930 is described by Konstantopoulos as a major step towards “stateless” Ethereum (ETH). Hence, it addresses the well-known problem with the “state size” of Ethereum (ETH). At the current 10-100 GB level, it allows node operators to use expensive and slow SSDs. This update is also very important for the “Layer 1” scalability of Ethereum (ETH).

Finally, new primitives – subroutines – have been introduced in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to boost system logic and make it more efficient.

London Hardfork scheduled for July 2021

Konstantopoulos admitted that the highly anticipated EIP-1559 will not be included in Berlin. This includes burning transaction fees and offers dynamic block sizes to clear the temporary congestion in the Ethereum (ETH) network.

He also explained to Anatoly Yakovenko of Solana that the security update BLS12-381 will not be included in Berlin. However, it can be applied on the London hardfork. According to Konstantopoulos, the London upgrade will be activated in July to “defuse the difficulty bomb”.

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