“Gold is dead, Bitcoin is getting stronger”

Billionaire Mark Cuban told one of the biggest opponents of cryptocurrencies that gold “died” while Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) were getting stronger.

Cuban, which is getting more and more heated to crypto, In the Twitter debate on March 2 He warned Peter Schiff that gold would “die” as a store of value.

Cuban: “Gold is dead, take it”

Known for his anti-Bitcoin statements, Schiff continues to make negative comments despite the constant record of the BTC / USD pair.

Responding to Schiff’s posts accusing Wall Street companies that bought BTC with “stupidity”, Cuban said, “Let me help you, Peter. Gold is at least as exaggerated as crypto. Do we really need a gold gem? he stated.

“BTC / Eth are technologies that can make you a banker, allow you to exchange value without errors, and can be used for unlimited business and personal applications.”

The billionaire businessman suggested that gold had the opposite future.

“What we see today being built with crypto is only in the proof-of-concept phase. As technology improves, gets cheaper, and speeds up, there will be new applications, and these applications will even surpass what we know today as crypto,” Cuban said:

“Gold will not change. Therefore, it will die over time as a store of value.”

Cuban recently told Schiff, “Remember, gold was also a technology-built store of value. Pickaxes and shovels evolved into mining operations. They were rewarded using the technology of the time to do the most efficient mining. Just like with crypto today.”

Gold is dead, Peter. Accept this.”

1-day candlestick chart of the XAU / BTC pair. Source: Tradingview

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