What is Crypto Mining over the Phone?

The movement in cryptocurrencies and the rise of Bitcoin cause more and more people to do research on cryptocurrency mining. Since it is not possible for everyone to buy cryptocurrencies with cash, phone crypto mining or computer crypto mining is getting more and more attention.

Is It Possible To Do Crypto Mining On The Phone?
Crypto mining has started to be used more with the rise in the Bitcoin market. People who cannot invest due to their high prices try to earn bitcoin and sub-coins by mining with the processing power of their computers or phones.

In order to be able to mine at full capacity, it may be necessary to buy from processors with high speed capacity of approximately 15,000 TL. Since meeting this expense is challenging for the budget, there is a tendency towards crypto money mining with the use of existing devices, while there is an increase in crypto mining over the phone.

Crypto mining with mobile devices, also known as mobile mining, is a compelling process for existing smart devices. Since the processors of phones are not sufficient for mining, many problems such as overheating of smartphones and system breakdowns are among the problems experienced by those who want to mine from the phone.

Even machines designed and manufactured for real crypto mining, which are currently in use, have so-called water-cooled engines. While the electricity consumption is high for these machines, trying to mine crypto money in machines that are not designed for mining shortens the life of the devices and causes various problems.

Despite these problems, some applications developed aim to provide the necessary support for mining on the phone, and crypto mining through mobile applications makes it possible to lighten the burden of phones to some extent and make mining possible.

Altcoins Encourage Phone Mining
Altcoins, especially Electroneum, are producing projects without slowing down on phone mining. This crypto currency attracts attention with the gift of an average of 15 TL per month Electroneum coin to those who install mining applications on their mobile phones. In fact, this application, which is introduced as mining, does not mine from the phone, but applies a process called cloud mining.

Studies for Crypto Money Mining Over The Phone
Some phone companies and application developers have accelerated their efforts to mine crypto money from the phone. For example, HTC General Directorate is working to provide crypto money mining from the smartphone called EXODUS 1S. It will be possible to mine XMR crypto money with the short name of Monero from this phone and it will be possible to mine from this phone with the DeMiner application that will be launched simultaneously.

What are Mobile Mining Applications (Applications)?
There are many applications developed for crypto money mining from the phone. Some of those;

It is listed as ThunderCore Hub.
Exenox is a new subcoin, allowing mining through a website and mobile application. In the application, which can be mined after the registration phase, mining can be done daily at a certain speed. In the application, whose user comments are positive, Exenox Coin is earned faster with the reference system.

The payments of the application, which is defined as work and earn money, are made with crypto money. Cointiply, which was previously accessible only through the website, now also serves as a mobile application. When users reach a certain level in mobile games included in the application, they can earn crypto money.

Paying KIN Token, Peerbet allows users to earn crypto money by watching ads. Advertisements are directed to those who use the application at certain times and they are enabled to earn virtual money by watching these ads. KIN Tokens earned from the application are also traded on the stock exchange.

ThunderCore Hub
ThunderCore Hub, which allows crypto mining from the phone, makes TT token payments. New users are given random amounts of TT tokens as a bonus. Every user has the same speed in mining. In practice, the dollar-based equivalents of the tokens earned, the instant transactions of the crypto currency on the exchange are also included.

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