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Bitcoin (BTC) advocate and educator Andreas Antonopoulos stated that the future of Ethereum (ETH) is rather uncertain compared to Bitcoin.

Antonopoulos confronted Ethereum and Bitcoin in an interview with Real Vision. According to him, the fact that Ethereum has a more general purpose structure makes it difficult to get ideas. While the complexity of Ethereum is more functional, there are some implications.

“Much more innovation is needed for the Ethereum system to evolve. For this reason, there will be some stumbles in doing this. There may even be devastating losses.

For these reasons, I see Ethereum in a more complementary role. Ethereum has entered some innovation areas that Bitcoin does not want to go into. “

Continuing his words, Antonopoulos spoke about what Ethereum can do for confusing market narratives:

“Ethereum’s future looks more uncertain than Bitcoin’s future, of course. The use case of Ethereum is much more open, making it difficult and confusing to get ideas. DeFi sector, NFTs or ICOs. When you consider what the current model of Ethereum is, you may encounter many different consequences. “

Antonopoulos added that the cryptocurrency industry will need to stand up to regulators’ new moves, but that doesn’t have to be all bad:

“The launch of blockchain in 2009 broke all walls and gave anyone the ability to transact without supervision.

We need to embrace the limitless wide and open innovation field of blockchain technology with both its pros and cons. We are currently seeing the best financial services in cryptography and distributed systems over the past 300-400 years. However, we also witness the most daring fraudulent activities. Pure investors are deceived by many different methods such as chains of happiness and pyramid schemes. However, despite everything, Bitcoin has an extremely strong network and an extremely useful technology underlying it. That’s why I think Bitcoin is a pretty good investment. “

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