Netflix could be the next company to buy bitcoins

Billionaire Tim Draper said Netflix could be the next company to buy Bitcoin (BTC) on the Fortune 100 list, and Amazon should accept it.

Draper said on the Feb. 28 episode of Unstoppable Podcast that Netflix is ​​the company most likely to add Bitcoin to its balance sheet among all candidates.

Draper: “Netflix could be the next company to buy BTC”

“Do you know who could be next? Netflix,” the billionaire stated.

“I think Reed Hastings is a very innovative guy, has a creative mind and has Netflix’s reins, so Netflix could be the next company to buy BTC.”

Last week on Coinbase Pro Many large transactions at 48 thousand dollarspoints out that institutional investors continue to buy at current prices. MicroStrategy and Square also increased their positions during this period.

Coinbase Pro outlets chart. Source: Ki Young Ju / Twitter

In addition, Draper suggested that Amazon will also add the Bitcoin payment option in the future.

Stating that “Amazon will start accepting Bitcoin very soon,” Draper added that customers have been able to buy products with cryptocurrencies indirectly for years.

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