Giant NFT platform VIV3 to host famous artist Ben Mauro

Developed by Dapper Laps, the producer of the CryptoKitties project, Flow continues to be one of the most talked about crypto money projects of recent days.

Flow; It stands out as a project that receives investments from large companies outside of the cryptocurrency sector such as Samsung, NBA and Warner Music, and aims to deliver its services not only to the cryptocurrency industry, but also to non-cryptocurrency sectors. Flow, a blockchain solution of its own, already has active platforms such as NBA Top Shot and VIV3.

In the near future, digital products belonging to MotoGP, FIFA and UFC are expected to find their place in new Flow-based platforms. The announcement that Dapper Laps company received an investment of 250 million dollars in February enabled the expectations in this direction to grow rapidly.

NBA Top Shot is known as Flow’s most popular project and platform. In NBA Top Shot, the licensed product of the NBA, 15-second sections compiled from the played NBA matches can be bought and sold by users. The amount of trades realized on the NBA Top Shot platform so far has managed to reach $ 230 million in a short period of time.

On the other hand, the VIV3 platform stands out as another NFT platform established on the Flow blockchain where world-famous artists can exhibit and sell their works. Artists have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works on VIV3. Art lovers or art investors, on the other hand, can purchase these works and resell them through VIV3.

Ben Mauro, the world-renowned creator of NFTs, which is a product of many years of labor and has found a place in the EVOLUTION series, will be another name that will sell his works on VIV3 on March 3, 2021. World famous graphic designer Ben Mauro; He is known as one of the leading artists in his field, who has created graphic designs for world-renowned films such as The Hobbit, Man of Steel, The Predator and Spiderman, as well as extremely popular games such as Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty and Halo Infinite.

The EVOLUTION series NFTs, which Ben Mauro has been working on for 10 years, will be sold at 15:00 on March 03, 2021, and the sales will be limited to a certain number. In the sale to be made through VIV3, 200 Legendary, 400 Rare and 4184 Common packages will be offered and only FLOW tokens will be accepted as payment unit.

The price of the packages offered for sale will be determined according to the value of the NFTs. Therefore, the packages that are classified as “Legendary” and stand out as the most valuable units of the sale will contain the most valuable NFTs belonging to Ben Mauro. Due to the NFT craze, which has become more prominent in recent years, it is expected that the NFTs that come out of the packages in the Legendary class on the sale on March 3, 2021 will have a very high market value.

Users who want to buy from the packages must first transfer FLOW to their accounts in order to pay with FLOW. A detailed explanation of Flow transfer is available here.

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