Internet Cafes Are Now Mining Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Money

Bitcoin (BTC) price His journey of up to $ 50,000 attracted not only individual and institutional investors, but also internet cafes. Computer Star, one of the largest internet cafe chains in Vietnam, also preferred a very lucrative route during the coronavirus epidemic.

Will Use Graphics Cards In Ethereum Mining

Computer Star, during the coronavirus period when it closed its doors, GeForce RTX 3080 decided to use the graphics cards for crypto money mining. Especially in these days when Ethereum mining is bringing record earnings, GPU mining has become popular again. It was recently revealed that a mining company bought thousands of laptops with high-end graphics cards just for this feature.

Computer Star, on the other hand, decided to turn this into a profit because it had graphics cards that everyone could not find. As soon as the coronavirus epidemic is over, the internet cafe chain, which will host customers again, will now mine Ethereum. Of course, mining profits in this way will not go on forever. Miners who made serious mining investments during the bull season in 2018 and made losses when prices dropped to $ 3,000 are also very well aware of this.

According to the data of, the miners’ earnings of 54 million dollars on February 13 alone allow the miners to take this risk. It has not yet been announced that the internet cafe giant will mine other cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum. The fact that the most profitable choice is ETH can make them settle with just this.

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