Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Ve Ripple (XRP) Analizi

Bitcoin (BTC)

As we mentioned in our previous article, although Bitcoin tested its resistance at 47,900 levels, the break did not occur. Squeezed between the support in the 46,450-46,800 zone and this resistance zone, the BTC price is being watched at $ 47,000 levels at the time of this writing.

For possible scenarios, with the break of 47,900 resistance, 49,800 levels are the region that first catches our eye as the first target point. Otherwise, in the case of the breakdown of the 46.450 support zone, a retreat to 44.250 is likely.

Support 1: 46.450 – Support 2: 44.250 – Resistance 1: 47.900 – Resistance 2: 49.800

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum, which entered the weekend with a loss of around 5%, remained in the support zone at 1.760 levels. Trying to break the resistance in the $ 1,813 region within the week, ETH seems to have entered a new test period, unable to hold above this zone.

With the positive momentum in Bitcoin and the effect of new investors entering the market, ETH, which does not slow down after the ATH process, seems to have set its sights on $ 2,000. In case of breaking of the 1.800 region, the 1915 and 1956 levels can be chosen as the resistance points that may occur respectively.

Support 1: 1.813 – Support 2: 1.763 – Resistance 1: 1.915 – Resistance 2: 1.956

Ripple (XRP)

For XRP, which has been subject to continuous sales in the 0.63xxx region, all eyes are now on the lawsuit to be held on February 22. For Ripple, which has suffered a major disruption in the cryptocurrency market, which has been positive for a long time, the opinion that if the case goes positive, an abnormal pricing will take place among analysts. However, in the face of negative news, it seems possible that this trend will spread to other stock markets after the events of being delisted in the US stock markets.

As we have long stated in our articles, the 0.63xxx zone for XRP is still a very strong resistance point. In case of breakage, the 0.75xxx region has also been tested as resistance for a while. The possibility of retesting support in the 0.47xxx region should not be ruled out either. If this support point breaks, a sag to 0.39xxx is possible.

Support 1: 0.47xxx – Support 2: 0.39xxx – Resistance 1: 0.63xxx – Resistance 2: 0.75xxx

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