The world famous musician made a profit of $ 1 million with Ethereum! So how?

Crypto Money News – World-famous musician Gene Simmons announced that he bought $ 300,000 worth of Ethereum four months ago through the Gemini exchange. Known as the lead singer of the band known as “Kiss”, Simmons stated that he made the purchase at Gemini Stock Exchange with the help of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

Simmons publicly announced his purchase of Etheruem via the following tweet.

Gene Simmons made $ 1 million profit on Ethereum

The well-known musician states that he made the purchase on October 13, 2020. When we looked closely at the Ethereum chart, that day ETH was trading around $ 394. When we check the charts once again, Ethereum is currently trading at $ 1,808. This means Simmons’ ETHs are worth 4,588 times more since the first purchase.

In other words, the amount equivalent to 300 thousand dollars that day has reached 1.376 million dollars today.

Record-breaking ETH price approaching $ 2,000

Regarding the price, Ethereum is trading above the $ 1,800 zone, which is seen as important once again. This means that ETH declared its all-time high near the highly anticipated $ 2,000 ceiling. The weekly close is only a day away, and Ethereum can stay bullish above this level when the new week begins.

The point to note is that Grayscale has collected a lot of Ethereum since the beginning of the year, and the momentum is likely to be sustained forward… This means that Ethereum can continue to climb to new heights fueled by corporate interests through the Grayscale and CME Ethereum futures contracts.


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