Bitcoin price exceeded the limit of 300 thousand TL!

Bitcoin (BTC) price set a record with an unexpected rise on February 8th. The largest cryptocurrency saw 43,800 in dollars and 300,000 in TL.

Bitcoin, which finally ended the consolidation process that has been going on since mid-January last week, hit the resistance after rising to $ 40,790, that is, TL 287,000 over the weekend. BTC, which opened the week at $ 38,000, took a sudden rise with extremely positive news.

Tesla, whose CEO was Elon Musk, who added the word Bitcoin to his Twitter biography on January 29, triggered the cryptocurrency to jump 20 percent, announced on February 8 that it had purchased $ 1.5 billion (10,644,727,500 TL) of Bitcoin. After the announcement, BTC jumped to $ 43,000 within minutes and refreshed the record for the first time in TL terms, exceeding $ 300,000.

Tesla’s announcement that it will also accept Bitcoin in its purchases increased the enthusiasm in the market.

Mainstream support for Bitcoin is growing day by day. Finally, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, one of Mexico’s wealthiest businessmen, showed his support by adding Bitcoin to his Twitter bio.

Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michael Van de Poppe said in his analysis on February 6 that if the BTC price exceeds $ 42,000, the new price target will be $ 50,000. If this prediction comes true, there is a possibility that the Bitcoin price will increase to 350 thousand TL.

BTC is trading at around 305 thousand TL as of the time of the news broadcast.

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