Twitter CEO to help verify Bitcoin transactions

Twitter’s founder and CEO Jack Dorsey is building his own Bitcoin (BTC) node (node). The tech billionaire shared a screenshot of Bitcoin node software Bitcoind running on his computer on February 5, meaning Dorsey helps verify Bitcoin transactions.

Dorsey, screenshot “I’m running Bitcoin” shared with note. The photo shows Dorsey’s computer synchronized with the Bitcoin blockchain network, for this the user has to download the entire history of the blockchain network to date. The size of the Bitcoin blockchain is 325 GB at the time of translation release.

The synchronization process can take weeks depending on the computer and internet speed. Dorsey’s synchronization process is only 2 percent complete, according to the screenshot.

Asked if he will run the node on the Raspberry Pi, Dorsey said he set up with the M1 Macbook chip. he explained.

Bitcoin nodes differ from Bitcoin miners in that they do not compete for block reward. Instead, the nodes host an immutable copy of the blockchain network and help increase network security. According to the latest data, there are between 7 thousand and 11 thousand full Bitcoin nodes operating.

Bitcoin’s node number has recently hit a record high. There were 11,613 nodes operating on January 20. This number decreased to 7,260 by the time of translation broadcast.

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