Greed Increased Bitcoin and Ethereum Soar! What Are the Winners and Losers of the Week?

We left behind another week of the uptrend in Bitcoin. Especially finding a good support at $ 32,000, Bitcoin reached the $ 40,000 limit again this week. Shortly before the weekly closing, we observed that the selling pressure increased with the uncertainty caused by the opening of the markets.

Due to the uncertainty created by the start of Ethereum futures on the CME exchange shortly after (TSI 02.00), we observed that Ethereum was withdrawn to the level of $ 1490 and received a reaction from this level.

The “fear and greed index” calculated by the popular analysis company, which is trying to measure the emotional reflexes of crypto money investors, based on the trends of market volatility, market volume acceleration, social media interest, Bitcoin dominance graph and the types of research on cryptocurrencies on the internet calculated as.

The market, which was extremely greedy last week, closed this week also as extremely greedy. Especially the rises with high profitability we see in altcoins increased the risk appetite of investors.

Although Bitcoin has decreased by 6% on a daily basis, it seems that it has earned its investors on a weekly basis. Bitcoin’s 7-day change marks a 16% uptrend.

Similarly, Ethereum seems to have made its investor close the week with a 20% profit, even though it is down 7% on a daily basis.

According to CoinmarketCap data, they are among the top 100 coins and the most earning ones of the week:

According to CoinmarketCap data, they are among the top 100 coins and the highest losers of the week:

* The list was limited to 5 coins as it lost only 5 altcoin investors among the first hundred coins.

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