The number of active Bitcoin addresses broke a record in January!

January was a record-breaking month for Bitcoin price and network activity. In the past 31 days, 22.3 million addresses have sent and received BTC.

Crypto data collector Glassnode, who shared the data, reported that the highest number of monthly active addresses in Bitcoin’s history was seen in January:

The number of active addresses previously broke a record with more than 21 million addresses in December 2017. Since then, the number of addresses transacting Bitcoin has not fallen below 10 million per month.

Despite the increase in the number of active addresses, Glassnode announced that the number of “active formations”, which peaked in early January, decreased significantly.

Glassnode defines occurrences as “sets of addresses controlled by the same network formation”.

Bitcoin transaction volume rose to record levels as the Bitcoin price reached $ 42,000 last month. The BTC price entered a three-week period of consolidation right after the record.

BTC / USD pair since December 2020, 4-hour chart: TradingView

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