Famous news magazine described Bitcoin as “the new gold standard”

Newsweek, one of the largest weekly news magazines in the USA, was among those who made positive comments about Bitcoin (BTC). The magazine investigated whether digital assets could become the “new gold” standard.

The published article focused on the “digital gold” story using JPMorgan Chase’s forecast of a potential BTC price of $ 146,000. The article provides almost no new information about Bitcoin’s astronomical rise for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but provides evidence that the mainstream view of the crypto space is changing.

Scott Reeves wrote, “Not everything that shines is gold, but it can be Bitcoin.” “And it could be even more valuable in the long run.”

Tens of millions of Newsweek readers who were unaware of Bitcoin came across this clear message above.

As will be remembered, on the 12th anniversary of the first block in the Bitcoin blockchain network, the name BTC appeared on the front page of the Financial Times newspaper.

On the other hand, the increase in active addresses, the increasing interest of companies and large organizations in Bitcoin. proved More investors flock to the market.

According to podcast broadcaster Peter McCormack, new names will be added to the ecosystem in the next three to five years. BitPay’s chief trading officer, Sonny Singh, agrees with this notion, but recently claimed that another sudden Bitcoin price surge could lead to corporate profit gains.

Google search trends also show that increased fear of missing the opportunity (FOMO) among individual investors is increasing in the new year, as a potential sign of higher prices in the short term.

Google searches for the word “Bitcoin” in the US. Source: Google Trends

Still, searches for “Bitcoin” during last year’s uptrend pale compared to the bullish market in 2017.

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