Paying good news from the mayor with Bitcoin!

Miami city employees will be able to receive their wages in Bitcoin very soon. During an interview with Forbes, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said one of the ways to increase the prevalence of Bitcoin in the city is by enabling municipal employees to receive their salaries in BTC.

Leading names in the cryptocurrency industry welcomed the news extremely positively. Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey described my name as “clever”.

Germini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss also said that the mayor “pioneered states and Bitcoin” he explained.

Mayor Suarez told Forbes that he wanted to do his best to make Miami a Bitcoin-friendly city due to the increasing popularity of crypto among city dwellers. Other offers include the ability to do local fees and taxes with Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies, and to deposit part of the city’s reserve in Bitcoin.

The mayor announced that he was considering financing the re-election campaign with Bitcoin. Previously, Andrew Yang, Eric Swalwell, Tom Emmer and Lara Loomer also accepted cryptocurrencies in their campaigns.

Suarez believes Bitcoin will be “the biggest story in the coming years”.

The mayor said last year that Bitcoin was “a stable investment in an extremely unstable year”. Suarez uploaded the Bitcoin technical guide on the municipality’s website, stated that:

“The city of Miami believes in Bitcoin and I’m working day and night to make Miami the crypto innovation hub.”

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