An Ethereum user turned $ 130 into $ 130,000 in three days!

Crypto Money News – An Ethereum user turned a Hashmasks digital art collection from $ 130 to $ 130,000 in just three days. This means a record 100,000 profit.

What is Hashmasks?

Hashmasks is a digital art collection of more than 16,000 unique digital portraits created by over 70 artists from around the world. Users accumulate NCT (Name Changing Token, unique to Hashmasks) daily by keeping pictures of Hashmasks.

The digital art piece was the first (still on sale) of the 16,000-strong Hashmask collection and was purchased on February 28 for 0.1 ETH (only $ 130). The extraordinary increase in price can be seen in the picture below.

Artwork sold for 97 Ethereum

A few days later, the product was listed by an unknown artist under the pseudonym “874C44” for 125 ETH or $ 166,000. This valuation proved to be a little too expensive, but found its buyer when the seller discounted about 30 ETH from the requested price. About 14 hours ago, Hashmasks 1 was sold to a user named “Westcoastbill” for a total of 97 ETH (at that time $ 130,000).

Westcoastbill looks like a Hashmasks enthusiast who has purchased around 30 different Hashmasks artworks in the last 24 hours alone.

Last week Westcoastbill purchased some highly contemporary artworks, including this piece titled “The Day The Internet Fucked Wall Street”. He had bought this piece four days ago from a dealer named AlottaMone.

What makes Hashmasks different?

Besides the scarcity of actual digital artwork itself, Hashmasks pieces also allow users to name their work. This is done through Hashmasks’ native Name Changing Token, making the artwork public and identifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to the fact that the artwork is extremely rare, the names of Hashmasks artwork are also important.


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