Bassist Gene Simmons of Legendary Rock Band Kiss Announces Acquisition of Dogecoin and XRP

Rock music legend Gene Simmons has announced that he has purchased Dogecoin and XRP coins.

Summary of the News

  • Gene Simmons, bassist of the legendary rock band Kiss, announced that he has purchased Dogecoin and XRP.
  • Simmons has previously announced that it has invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
  • The successful musician, oddly enough, is not recommending anyone to buy Doge and XRP.

Rock musician Gene Simmons announced that he purchased Dogecoin and XRP tokens, whose value has increased rapidly in recent days.

Gene Simmons Revealed Many Times That He Was Interested In Cryptocurrency

Simmons is a musician who gained fame in the 1970s for explosive live performances, use of pyrotechnics, and provocative face masks. What makes him a legend is his performance as bassist of the American rock band Kiss. According to music channel MTV, the group Kiss is ranked as the ninth best rock band of all time.

Nowadays, rockstar Simmons wants to make various moves in the crypto space. Simmons had previously announced that he bought Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Finally, he stated that he added Dogecoin and XRP to its portfolio.

In a tweet he posted, he said in a rockstar style, “I don’t recommend purchasing these for anyone. But yes, I bought Dogecoin and XRP. Whatever you do. ” said.

Dogecoin Price Continues to Fluctuate Massively

The responses to his tweet were quite varied. Some say purchasing XRP is a good choice, while others say Simmons is investing in a weak area.

Recently, many rap musicians announced that they had purchased crypto money. As a rock legend, Simmons reminded that his musical style also exists in cryptocurrency.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are typically the top cryptocurrencies, many celebrities announced last week that they had purchased Dogecoin.

Doge peaked as high as $ 0.08 on Jan 29. Just three days ago it was at the level of $ 0.0007.

However, Dogecoin fell more than 60% yesterday to $ 0.02. Maybe that’s why Simmons isn’t recommending anyone to buy Dogecoin.

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