Popular Analyst Warns Bitcoin (BTC) Investors After Elon Musk’s Price Mobility Coinexc

Cryptocurrency trader and analyst Michaël van de Poppe recently spoke about the price volatility created by Elon Musk. Van de Poppe, in a tweet, told his 113,500 followers that chasing the news-based Bitcoin rises was not the best investment strategy:

“Adjusting your portfolio to what Elon Musk says or what people say or anything you see because of what happened – I see this in Dutch newspapers – is not a strategy. You should determine your entries according to past price movements. “

According to a Daily Hodl report, the popular analyst continues the correction scenario he has been waiting for Bitcoin (BTC) after Elon Musk’s support for the cryptocurrency. Van de Poppe said he expected Bitcoin (BTC) to drop below $ 30,000 in February and drop to $ 25,000 before the bull run continues in March:

“In the short term, I’m still waiting for a correction… we’ve seen a big jump towards $ 38,000. However, we do not have $ 34,500 either. No change over a wider time frame. We are still in this plan, where we expect a correction that will be healthy and organic for the market. ”

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Although Van de Poppe is still waiting for a bearish price move for Bitcoin (BTC), he is an anonymous trader and analyst. CapoBelieves the correction in BTC is over.

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