Bomb claims for 3 little known altcoins from famous analyst

Sharing technical analysis and price evaluations on the crypto money market, the analyst drew attention to 3 little-known altcoins.

Experienced analyst Michael van de Poppe evaluated little-known altcoins such as Zilliqa (ZIL), TomoChain (TOMO), and Swipe (SXP) in his Twitter posts on January 27-28.

Analyzing the possible rise and fall of the currencies, Poppe explained the support and resistance points.

The “bottom buy opportunity” for TomoChain

Daily chart of TOMO / USDT pair. Source: Twitter/TradingView

Posted on January 28 tweetIn, Poppe pointed out two critical levels. He pointed to the gap between $ 1.05 and $ 0.88 for the “opportunity to buy at the bottom” in the price of TOMO, which found buyers at $ 1.1788 during the sharing.

As reported by Cointelegraph, there will be a halving on the Tomochain (TOMO) network on February 7. The number of TOMO coins issued each year will be reduced from 2 million to 1 million.

Defending the support of $ 0.6409 in the first days of 2021, TOMO followed a sharp upward trend and moved up to $ 1.5.

The analyst commented on the “buying opportunity”, emphasizing the possibility of a decline to the $ 1.05 to $ 0.88 range if the price downside continues.

The road to $ 3 at the swipe price

Daily chart of SXP / USDT pair. Source: Twitter/TradingView

The analyst, known as Crypto Michael on Twitter, also posted for another lesser known altcoin Swipe (SXP).

In the analyst’s opinion, the range of $ 1.15 and $ 1.2 is critical for SXP price, which is likely to enter an uptrend.

Calling investors to “be patient”, Poppe said he believes that the $ 0.804 level, working twice as support, could be the bounce ramp to start the uptrend.

Poppe emphasized that if the Swiper price breaks the $ 1.21 threshold, it will target $ 2.19 and then 3.07.

An accelerated rise forecast for Zilliqa

Daily chart of ZIL / USDT pair. Source: Twitter/TradingView

Stating that the Zilliqa price, which was in balance in the second half of 2020, started to recover as of 2021, Poppe drew attention to the support of $ 0.48 in the short term.

After the big price decline in 2018, the $ 0.48 level, which worked as a resistance, brought up the possibility of turning into support.

According to the analyst’s argument, if the Zilliqa price manages to break the 0.877 resistance, it could reach $ 0.16 or even an all-time high later.

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