Blockchain-based COVID-19 passports open for test use

The use of the blockchain-based identity system in air transportation is on the agenda. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is developing blockchain-based passports where the COVID-19 test result and vaccination status information of each passenger will be stored digitally, with the effect of the Corona Virus epidemic that took over the year 2020.

The data of the “health” passport application developed by IATA will be stored on the personal smartphone of each passenger. The first real-world test is expected to take place in February.

The application, known as the IATA Travel Pass, will give passengers full control over their data, and will work in coordination with governments, vaccination centers and airlines.

So far, four major airlines have enrolled in the program. Singapore Airways and British Airways plan to begin the first phase of testing in February, while Etihad and Emirates are targeting April.

Alan Murray Hayden, head of airport, passenger and security services at IATA, emphasized the use of “powerful” blockchain technology in this program. He pointed out that this technology has been very useful in many areas up to now:

“This is the beauty of the technology we use; it allows the passenger to control their own data. There is no central database and no one can hack it. The passenger owns their data and shares it with the airline. It is one of the first examples of blockchain technology that is very powerful and possibly implemented in a way that will benefit people.”

The Travel Pass has been announced to have four main interactive components. These are: digital passport module; a Lab application that allows data to be sent securely through the test labs and the application itself; Global register of vaccination centers and globally valid record of up-to-date health data requested by travelers.

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