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Central Bank of Ireland Governor Gabriel Makhlouf, He reiterated the warning issued by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, claiming that those who invest in Bitcoin will lose everything. Gabriel Makhlouf noted:

UK Financial Conduct AuthorityAs stated a few weeks ago, those who invest in Bitcoin will lose all their money. This is definitely my opinion.

Stating that he does not understand why people invest in such assets, Gabriel Makhlouf added that the task of central banks is “to make sure consumers are protected.” Here is an excerpt from Gabriel Makhlouf’s statements:

Personally, I am not sure why people invest in such assets, they are explicitly treated as assets. Our role here is to make sure that consumers are protected.

On the other hand, Gabriel Makhlouf’s colleague, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey, recently announced that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will not last very long.

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