Miami Mayor Considers 1% of City’s Reserves to Invest in Bitcoin Coinexc

Miami Municipality started publishing the Bitcoin white paper on its website. Miami, the second largest city in the US state of Florida, became the first city in the US to embrace Bitcoin.

Francis Suarez, the crypto-friendly mayor of Miami, noted that they are working day and night to turn Miami into a center in the cryptocurrency space. Francis Suarez noted:

The city of Miami believes in Bitcoin. I work day and night to turn Miami into a cryptocurrency center. We are proud to be the first municipality to publish Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper on its website.

Francis Suarez continued his speech, emphasizing that Bitcoin has the potential to transform the world.

We believe Bitcoin will change the world, a decentralized financial network that allows people around the world to store and transfer value without the need for banks or payment processors.

On the other hand, Francis Suarez also brought up the idea of ​​investing 1% of Miami’s reserves in Bitcoin.

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