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In the second half of the horizontal day in stock market indices, there was a very hard sell. day has fallen by almost as big a selling wave of global stock markets, Turkey’s all negative than many other stock exchanges decomposed. At the end of the day it spent over 1,530, the BIST 100 index declined to 1,480 within hours. While there was no clear development that triggered a sales wave that was not originated from foreign exchange, there was a very strong foreign sourced sales. While the technical support and resistance points are broken in order in the index, which has lost more than 3.65%, the drop at 1.480 seems to stop. On the day of the Fed’s meeting and the speech of chairman Powell, while there was a big sale in the world stock markets, 1.02% in prices and 2.80% in prices were also noteworthy. Euro-dollar parity approached to 1.20, and fell below 1% for the first time since January 6th.

Line Heads

  • Strong Sales were Seen in Stock Markets towards Evening Hours It dropped to 1.481 points with a 3.60% decrease, and reached 1.591 points with a decrease of 2.83%. Exchange rates are watching with slight buyers. While it is 7.40, it is at 8.95 level. found buyers from 438 Lira in spot markets.
  • Wealth Fund GM Sönmez: We did not sell or pledge any company, there is no such purpose. The Wealth Fund was not established to fund the budget or the Treasury.
  • FED Interest Rate Decision in the USA, It will be announced today at 22:00. The Fed is expected to leave the interest rate range of 0.00 – 0.25% unchanged. Following the meeting, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will hold a press conference at 22.30 tsi.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, After the parliament returns from recess on February 22, we will lay out plans to bring the country out in closure measures. We will be in a better situation with the virus in mid-February.
  • Modern: “The contract with the USA on vaccines has increased to 300 million doses. The delivery of 300 million doses of vaccine to the USA will be made on time. Negotiations are being held with the US government for an additional 100 million doses of vaccine.”

UP TO 100

While the BIST 100 index started the session with the level of 1536 at the opening, it reached the highest 1541 and the lowest 1475 levels during the session hours. Towards closing, the index is trading at the level of 1480. It is getting ready to close the day with a 3.68% decrease. The daily trading volume of the index is around 32 billion TL.


Starting the day at 7.3436 level, USD / TRY saw the highest 7.4109 and lowest 7.318 levels during the day. The exchange rate, moving at 7.4019, is preparing to close the day with an increase of 0.79%. The initial resistance of the pair is at the level of 7.4300.

  • Support: 7,3600 – 7,3200
  • Resistance: 7,4300 – 7,4500


Starting the third trading day of the week at 8,9385, the EUR / TRY saw the highest 8,9851 and the lowest 8,9149 during the day. The currency, which moves at the level of 8,9367 at the moment, is preparing to close the day with a decrease of 0.02%. The initial support of the establishment is at the level of 8,9100.

  • Support: 8,9100 – 8,8800
  • Resistance: 8,9800 – 9,0200

Starting the day at 1.2167, the EUR / USD parity saw the highest 1.2170 and the lowest 1.2059 during the day. The pair, which moves at 1.2068 levels, is preparing to close the day with 0.82% decrease. The initial support of the establishment is at the level of 1,200.

  • Support: 1,200 – 1,200
  • Resistance: 1,2100 – 1,2200

The ounce session made its beginning at the level of 1851. The highest level of 1853 was seen during the day, while the lowest level of 1831 was reached. Ounce Gold, which is traded at 1835, is preparing to close the day with a 0.9% decrease. The first support for Ounce Gold is at the level of 1826.

  • Support: 1826 – 1818
  • Resistance: 1848 – 1862


Opening at 55.74 on the third trading day of the week, the commodity traded between the highest 56.14 and the lowest 55.10 levels during the day. Brent oil, which is traded with a -0.86% decrease at the following hours, finds buyers at $ 55.16.

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