Former Bitspark CEO George Harrap Joins Crypto PR Firm as Head of DeFi

George Harrap, who previously led Hong Kong-based blockchain remittance startup Bitspark as CEO, is joining fintech and cryptocurrency-focused PR firm YAP Global as head of DeFi.

In an announcement Wednesday, YAP Global said the new hire will help bridge the communication gap between the mainstream media and decentralized finance (DeFi).

In his new role, Harrap will be supporting the public relations team and helping to break down the complexities of emerging technology such as DeFi, through “knowledge calls” and lessons. 

According to the company, while many DeFi platforms have reached user bases in the millions, legacy institutions are lacking knowledge about how the nascent industry works. 

“I’ve been around crypto for a decade now and DeFi has me as excited as when I mined my first bitcoin,” Harrap told CoinDesk. “DEXs continuing to outcompete centralized exchanges, the ability to get a loan in two minutes – it’s not just building an SoV this time, it’s about building a financial system.”

“But in order for the industry to succeed, we need to break down its complexities to better educate the media and, in turn the users, about it. I want to help bridge that knowledge gap,” he said. 

Samantha Yap, founder, and CEO of YAP Global, commented, “We’re thrilled to have one of the key educators in not just blockchain and cryptocurrencies but now of decentralized finance, join the team. George does a brilliant job at breaking down technical projects into easy-to-understand explanations.”

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