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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse wrote a new article about the company’s situation. Garlinghouse also highlighted the SEC case and the new customers gained afterwards.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse published an article talking about 2020 and 2021. Referring to the fact that 2020 is an important year for Ripple, the CEO mentioned that there are important developments “despite a disappointing end to the US regulation”:

“We have processed millions of RippleNet txns, grown ODL 12 times year on year, and gained 15 new customers after the SEC complaint.”

Garlinghouse said they’ve added more than 100 new faces to the Ripple team, including a few leading members, and have built an incredible, resilient team to surpass 2021 and beyond. “We will remain true to our mission to create an ‘Internet of Values’ no matter what,” said Garlinghouse.

“We Are Grateful For The Support”

While there are still legal uncertainties in the US, Garlingouse expressed gratitude for the support they have received in both public and direct negotiations from a broad segment of the global community, including customers, partners, shareholders, industry players and global regulators. The CEO used the following statements:

“With the new management and SEC leadership expected to be approved in the coming months – I’m sure we have components here that will make 2021 even more successful than last year – and with a good team at Ripple, I feel ready.”

According to Garlinghouse’s article, RippleNet had a great year in 2020. There were about 3 million transactions on RippleNet last year, indicating a volume increase of about 5 times compared to 2019. On-Demand Liquidity continues to grow and scale. Year-over-year growth was 12 times, and the conceptual value of transactions in 2020 reached $ 2.4 billion. The CEO used the following statements:

“Global customer interest continues to be very strong. The team continued to make 2 new customer deals per week in over 40 countries, 18 of which are new to RippleNet. Despite the SEC lawsuit against Ripple on December 22, we gained 15 new customers to close 2020 with more customers than ever before. “

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