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The direction of the stock markets, which are faced with short-term corrections, is starting up again in the new week. Optimism continues in the global risk appetite. The first focus of the new cabinet in the US is the $ 1.9 trillion financial aid package that is intended to be issued in February. Package expectations brought US index futures to new record levels. The index, which declined to 1.522 last week, closed at 1.542. The stock markets, which are expected to make a positive opening for the new week, will take the positive atmosphere in the foreign markets behind. We observe that ve is stable against Turkish lira in the new week. and a horizontal course prevails. The opening of futures indicates that investors are waiting for a hard buying session today.

Line Heads

  • Stock Markets Enter New Week In the Friday session, it fell 0.59% to 1,542 points and was at 1,650 points, down 0.90%. Today, the stock markets are expected to open with purchases at the beginning of the week. In terms of exchange rates, a horizontal movement prevails. Watching at 7.39 level, it found buyers from 9.02.
  • The reforms envisaged to be carried out in the field of economy and law, It is expected to be discussed at the AK Party FMC meeting this week and to be announced to the public by the President in February.
  • From the Chinese company Sinovac The second batch of 6.5 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine ordered was brought to Istanbul from Beijing by Turkish Airlines (IS:) (THY) cargo plane.
  • Standard and Poors, Turkey’s credit rating to ‘Stable’ outlook to ‘B +’ was affirmed as.
  • US Senate House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, He said that as members of the Democratic Party, they would be fully prepared to accept the economic stimulus package prepared by Joe Biden in early February.

UP TO 100

We watched that the index closed at 1.542 on the last trading day of last week. BIST100 index, which saw the highest level of 1.556 and the lowest 1.526 on the previous trading day, closed the day with a decrease of -0.59%. BIST 100 index closed the day with a volume of 28.81 billion TL on the last trading day.

  • Support: 1.526
  • Resistance: 1.545

Company News

Aksa Energy Generation Inc. (BUSINESS:): Our company published by December 8, 2020 Announcement dated Us As mentioned, 100% of our subsidiary “Option Accelerated Energy Trading Co.” under the agreement signed with the importing side of the Turkey-Iraq energy transmission line over Iraq 150 MW to electricity The application submitted to EMRA for energy export was approved and an interconnection line usage agreement was signed with TEİAŞ. As of 24 January 2021, the energy export commercial activities have started. Thus, the number of countries in which Aksa Energy operates has reached six.

Ulusoy Un Industry and Trade Inc. (BUSINESS:): Rolweg SA, our 100% subsidiary, won a tender of 13,666,500 USD (101,268,765 Turkish Liras) with the bid of the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) in the Wheat Import tender held on 22.01.2021.

Kristal Cola and Soft Drink Industry Trade Inc. (BUSINESS:): Hasanpaşa District Şehit Cevdet Koç Cad.N51 / A Sapanca / SAKARYA has applied for an Investment Incentive Certificate to the Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Incentive Application and Foreign Capital in order to have the expansion investments planned for our facilities.


Starting the day at 7.4159, the USD / TRY rate is priced at 7.4053 at the following hours. We watch the currency start the day with sales. Initial support for the currency can be followed at the level of 7.3900.

  • Support: 7,3900 – 7,3800
  • Resistance: 7,4200 – 7,4400


Starting the day at 9,0239 level, the EUR / TRY rate is priced at 9,0290 levels at the following hours. We watch that the exchange rate started the day gradually. The first resistance for the pair can be traced at the 9,0500 level.

  • Support: 9,00 – 8,9700
  • Resistance: 9,0500 – 9,0800

Starting the day at 1.2170 level, the EUR / USD parity is priced at 1.2181 levels at the following hours. We are watching that the pair started the day with buyers. The initial resistance for the pair can be traced at 1.2200.

  • Support: 1,2200 – 1,2200
  • Resistance: 1,2200 – 1,2200

The precious metal, which starts the day at the level of 1.855, is priced in the following hours. We watch that ounce of gold starts the day with sales. Initial support for gold can be traced at the 1.849 level.

  • Support: 1.849 – 1.846
  • Resistance: 1.858 – 1.863


Brent oil, which starts the day at 55.09, is priced at 55.23 at these hours. We watch that the commodity started the day with sales.

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