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Astrologer Maren Altman, famous on TikTok, uses horoscopes to predict the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and sees the leading cryptocurrency getting richer in the near future.

On January 3, 2009, when the sun was in Capricorn and the moon was in Aries, the anonymous name Satoshi Nakamoto streamed the Bitcoin blockchain live and formed the Genesis Block. This can be regarded as the day Bitcoin started to exist. Twelve years later, the 22-year-old astrologer Maren Altman believes that this planetary alignment that happened that day is the key to predicting Bitcoin’s future price.

Altman, who made a new forecast the other day, used the following statements:

“Venus crosses Bitcoin’s sun, sun crosses Bitcoin’s Jupiter, and Bitcoin’s Jupiter still does cute things. Basically, every obvious indicator of growth and expansion is now active. ”

The astrologer announced to his followers on Monday that Bitcoin could rise again soon.

Good Signs For Bitcoin

Emitting a sort of sexy, Goth, dominatrix vibe in his videos, Altman uses astrology to look at factors that could be good or bad for people, world events, and even cryptocurrencies. The popular name of recent times thinks the upcoming alignments could create a good world for Bitcoin in a few months:

“It might seem crazy. The end of May looks crazy for Bitcoin. I didn’t put this in my YouTube video. I’ve seen this now. I think this seems too good to be true. ”

On January 17, the astrologer posted a video of his previous predictions, pointing to the latest price situation, saying they had come true.

According to a TikTok video released last year, Altman discovered astrology when he was young. He soon learned about psychological astrology and planetary cycles. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy a year ago. And suddenly he was in the real world at the age of 21 with little idea of ​​what to do. His first thought was that he had to improve himself. So he began to read about finance and investment, and learned about the inefficiencies of the central banking system. That’s when he discovered Bitcoin:

“It was an incredible solution in many ways, not because it solves problems immediately, but at least offers a new way that makes sense with these things in many ways.”

After the astrologer met TikTok, he started posting short astrology videos. As the number of his followers increased, he started sharing on world affairs that attracted a more mature audience. He predicted that Biden would win the US election and commented on the second round of the senate. Then one day he made a Bitcoin video and caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community at the time:

“I started looking at Bitcoin’s astrology and realized that it looks like it is about to enter a crazy growth streak and a significant price increase.”

At that time, Bitcoin’s price had risen from the $ 4000 level in March to $ 18,600. In the weeks after publishing the video, BTC more than doubled its all-time high on January 8, to $ 41,900.

The astrologer has made 11 cryptocurrency videos so far. And his audience is now pleading with him for comments on Bitcoin and their favorite cryptocurrencies.

Predicting Bitcoin Price

Astrology works by looking at the positions of the planets and stars as soon as something occurs and then comparing this chart to where those planets and stars are now or where they will be in the future.

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Usually astrologers use birthdays when discussing certain people; Altman implements this for Bitcoin using the first block in a blockchain known as the Genesis Block.

“If there is a Genesis Block, it is a guide because this is the beginning or birth of that moment. If I can’t find anything about a Genesis Block, I’ll look at the first listing on CoinMarketCap and use it and see if it works. “

When it comes to comparing the current or future constellations of the stars to the original constellations, it looks for the planets to be in similar positions or to have appropriate angles. Altman finally said:

“So the ascension indicators will basically be positive alignments of Jupiter, Venus or the north node in general. These are all indicators of growth. More indicators of bearish are things like Mars, Saturn, or South Node. ”

In astrology, “nodes” or “nodes” are the ecliptic points where the orbit of the sun and the orbit of the moon intersect. In the cryptocurrency world, a “node” is a computer software that powers a blockchain. “I’m used to using this word in many different contexts,” Altman said.

Altman finally posted another post on January 21, “As I said in December, the December 21 jupiter-saturn combination looked like a firm base on which BTC prices could build on later. Around 20,000 during this time. So I wouldn’t speculate under $ 20,000 even on corrections. “We will see if this jupiter-saturn hypothesis is valid.”

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