New Projects That Get Value And Interest Before Being Listed On Major Exchanges

Exeedme (XED)

Gaming project with DeFi and NFT infrastructure and Polkadot connection. The IDO of this project, which has been very popular recently, has been in high demand in Polkastarter, an IDO platform. This project, which does quite large-scale works such as Q2 (second quarter of the year) staking pool, game mining, game tournaments, may receive Tier 1 stock market listing.

Stake Dao (SDT)

This decentralized platform, which offers the option to monitor and manage all defi assets, has made a great success by airdrops very recently. While decentralized platforms are developing very quickly, large exchanges can often be reluctant to list them. It is a project that should be followed with caution.

Yield Optimization Platform & Protocol (YOP)

The project, which is an all-in-one optimization platform that supports Ethereum and Polkadot systems; They have partnerships such as Dao Maker and Balancer. This project, whose tokenomy has been achieved, is one of the projects that are likely to be listed in Tier 1.

Lido Dao (LDO)

LDO is a decentralized project, currently the seventh largest Ethereum lockout pool; This project, which is included in the liquidity pool of Andre Cronje project Kp3r, which has a highly experienced team in the field of defi, has a very high potential.

Poolz Finance (POOLZ)

Promising decentralization with its infrastructure supporting cross-chain pools and auctions, this defi project has completed the integration of Ethereum, Tomochain and Moonbeam. This project will serve as a bridge between project producers and investors; Most sought after on platforms like Coingecko and Dextools.

Polkacover (CVR)

Polkacover, a new project that provides insurance functionality to DeFi, crypto and NFT assets; It seems to do business with reliable and broadly connected partners in the market such as Ferrum Network, Phantasma Chain and Hacken.

Prosper (PROS)

Prosper, a short-term forecast and hedging platform, can make a name for itself with the liquidity it will attract over time, as it offers attractive options for liquidity providers. In the second quarter of the year, it will provide a more comprehensive service with mobile application publishing and transition to general integrations.

Crypto Money

Insured Finance (INFI)

Again, a cryptocurrency insurance platform, INFI also offers a solution to the Rugpull (liquidity provider’s withdrawal of liquidity) problem, which is frequently experienced by decentralized exchange users. Like other insurance platforms, it has a more intense roadmap for the second and third quarter of the year. Being on the Polkadot network is one of the advantages of this platform.

Glitch Protocol (GLCH)

Glitch, which will make a name for itself with its Gex (Decentralized Exchange) feature, is a platform that has become attractive by offering a profit sharing model to its users. It has a more sophisticated function than other burial projects.

Bear (ARTH)

Claiming to be the world’s first Valuecoin, this project has a marketcap as low as $ 1 million. This project, which uses the infrastructure of a well-known drama project Mahadao, can also develop and increase its marketcap as Mahadao develops.

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